5 Days to Go – Open the Gates…

Why is the event on December 23, 2014?

The Master explained the cosmic significance of seasons, the phases of the moon and the solstices as times of regeneration. So we learn that the human being, who is part of the universe, participates intimately in the natural process of gestation and blossoming.

Like a seed that germinates, work takes place in the psyche of each human being: at the winter solstice, in the dark earth of his lower nature, the seed of the divine Self, begins to germinate. December 21 is the winter solstice, followed two days later by the new moon on December 23.

The Master explained that when starting something important, you must always choose the time of the waxing (new) moon because, according to the law of analogy that governs the universe, the waxing phase of the moon is beneficial to the natural growth process.

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