50% of truth is beyond the reach of science, Part 1/5

Why watch the sunrise? – ‘You need to understand why we go and watch the sun rising in the morning: in order to learn to create works that resemble the sun, works that will be new and limpid and capable of conveying life, warmth and light to others. In fact, the sun helps us to go much further than that. It helps us to seek out and unite ourselves with God himself, because it is when we establish a relationship of exchange with the Lord that we can become creators as he is a creator.

This is the reason for prayer, meditation and contemplation. I am not sure that all this is quite clear to you, however, so let me try to explain it further. For many years, I have had the desire to combat and destroy the philosophy of materialism. You will, no doubt, say, ‘What terrible pride and ambition! No one has been able to do that.’

Perfume bottles provide an example of the material and subtle planes
But I have a handful of very simple arguments which will enable me to do so. Suppose I take two different perfumes which I pour into two glass flacons. The two flacons are quite separate and distinct and a materialist would be perfectly correct in saying that there was no connection between them.

On the purely material level, as far as the external form of the two containers is concerned, that is true, there is no interaction, no connection. If you consider the contents of the flacons, however, this is no longer true, for the subtle particles emanating from the two perfumes touch and blend with each other as they rise into the atmosphere.

50% of truth is beyond the reach of scientific study
A scientific system that studies only visible, tangible, measurable phenomena can have no perception of what is happening on the subtler level of quintessences and invisible emanations. At this point, therefore, that system ceases to be entirely truthful, for fifty percent of truth is beyond its reach.’

To be continued

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 3, Creative activity as a means of evolution

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