6 Days to Go – Planetary Invocation

We will simultaneously spend two minutes saying “The Prayer to the Forces of Good”, encouraging all humanity together, whatever their belief, to open the Gates of the Earth to the Forces of Light.

This prayer said three times is a key to opening The Gates of the Earth to the Beings of Light.

The Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov said:

“Even the most powerful entities of the divine world cannot act directly on earth. Why?

Because they are not made of physical matter. In order for them to intervene, human beings themselves must give them the opportunity. Since the earth is like a fortress whose occupants are opposed to admitting luminous spirits, allies are necessary to open the gates.

On earth, human beings are as powerful as the armies of heaven, and as long as they want to oppose them, the fortress will remain impenetrable.

This is why heaven seeks allies on earth, who agree to let them pass. Spiritual people are just that: allies, thanks to whom heaven can infiltrate this fortress called earth and transform everything”.

The words of the prayer in many languages


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