A New Dawn…

…’We are coming to the end of the Pisces age and entering that of Aquarius, which will bring great changes. This does not mean that all of Humanity will be changed overnight. What will change for everyone are the possibilities.

New currents flow from Aquarius but only those who strive to be in harmony with those currents will be transformed. Heaven sends waves but it does not force wisdom on us. If you really want to enter this Age of Aquarius, you should be prepared to accept the new ideas it brings with it, the ideas of brotherhood and universality.

There will be peace on earth only when human beings have learned to see things from a much wider point of view, to open their hearts to even greater numbers of creatures, to concentrate all the powers of their will on achieving one universal family.

Human beings are always divided against each other because they don’t know that they are one, that they all belong to a whole. They don’t realize that they are nourished by the same unity. There are many branches on the cosmic tree of unity, and if the fruits are constantly in conflict, they cannot change the fact that they have the same trunk and depend for their survival on the same roots…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the light of Initiatic Science, Vol. 25 & 26

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