A universal religion – create heaven within you, Part 5/7

-Each one of you will be a light, a sun, a spring of water
Yes, I am bringing you a new philosophy, a new way of behaving, a new way of thinking, acting, and manifesting oneself. This new way is very different from all that other people have taught about religion, but I cannot help that. I have been given the task of bringing you these new notions. The old notions were valid for the individual but were not much help for the community. The time has come to stop working only for our own individual salvation.

Today we must work for the whole world, for the whole of mankind, and the only way we can do so is by putting this new philosophy into effect and rising mentally to heaven so as to bring the light, love, peace and eternity of heaven down to the physical plane. This process of bringing heaven down to earth has to begin with our own physical bodies; the life of heaven must impregnate and radiate from our physical bodies.

When human beings achieve this, the Golden Age, the kingdom of God will truly come about, and each one will be a light, a sun, a spring of water. The great thing is to accept the teaching of the triangle that points downwards, the triangle of the spirit, and no longer cling exclusively to the philosophy of the triangle of matter.

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The tendency of matter is to ascend; that of the spirit to descend. This same pattern is reproduced by a man and woman who unite in the act of love: the man faces down and the woman up. In this, human beings are simply behaving in conformity with principles established from all eternity by cosmic intelligence, according to which matter—which needs to be spiritualized—and the spirit—which needs to be materialized—meet and are joined in space. And it is in this union that the spirit fertilizes matter. As you see, there is symbolism, eloquence and philosophy in every human action, but human beings themselves see and understand none of it.

Our task is to bring the spirit down to earth. This is why you must use your meditations and prayers to beg for this light and visualize it, visualize this spirit, this divine force, descending into you and impregnating every cell of your being. One day, when you have worked at this over the years, you will sense that heaven is within you, that light is within you, that love is within you. When this day comes you will find that it is much easier to help other people and awaken them to this reality. But if, through a false understanding of spirituality, you remain barren—a blank page—you will be no good to anyone. The spirit must be allowed to descend!


It is when the spirit descends into matter that the child—that is to say, the kingdom of God and all the beauty of God—will be born in the world. This is the new dawn, the new work that is before us: to bring all the splendour, all the blessings, all the light and peace of heaven down to earth; down, first and foremost, to our own earth, our own physical bodies, and then to the whole world, to all human beings. We must tread a new path, for it is sheer selfishness to want to flee the earth on the pretext of spirituality or religion. Blessed are those who are capable of understanding me!

To be continued…
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn, Chapter 2

Image: Water Child by Josephine Wall

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