A universal religion – in harmony with nature, Final 7/7

-Aim to vibrate in unison with the great body of the cosmos
Until men and women have attained this light and warmth, their actions will always contain certain negative elements that are liable to distort, or even destroy, their own happiness and that of others. And this is what hell is.

Hell is not a place that exists in some distant corner of the universe; it exists here on earth, in the hearts and souls of those who delight in disorder and anarchy. And there are a great many such people in the world today, people who have embraced the philosophy of anarchy, without realizing the dangers lying in wait for them.

If they had studied the laws of nature and seen how the universe was created, if they had learned about all the different regions of which it is composed, and all the different creatures that inhabit those regions, they would have understood that they, too, were an integral part of this living body of nature and that their behaviour must harmonize with the whole. If their anarchical attitude becomes too troublesome, nature will simply take a purge and expel them. Anarchists are never tolerated for very long. Nature intervenes, for she cannot allow disharmony to prevail. Disharmony is a tumour, a cancerous growth in her body, and she takes the necessary steps to get rid of it.

This is what initiatic science tells us. And once an initiate has understood this truth, their one great fear is to become a tumour in the cosmic body by failing to vibrate in unison with it. Initiates fear only one thing, and that is to find that their psychic state and their vibrations are at variance with universal harmony, for they know what is in store for them if this happens. This is why they always strive to conform to, and vibrate in unison with, the great body of the cosmos.

If a singer in a choir or a musician in an orchestra does not sing or play according to the score, they will be dismissed, for they destroy the harmony of the whole.

orchestra 3

As I have said before, you may ask why heaven does not intervene and change the world. Well, of course, it could do so, but without the consent and goodwill of human beings it would be useless. Humans would not understand or appreciate it and would simply destroy everything all over again. Whereas if the will to change comes from us, if we learn wisdom and really want to improve things, the rest will follow automatically.

In the coming Age of Aquarius the invisible world will release new currents, new forces and energies, and we will witness a marvellous change, but it must come from human beings to begin with. We must get together and make up our minds to work in such a way as to invite the intervention of cosmic forces. If we don’t insist, we won’t get anything. The sublime entities on high never decide to interfere in human affairs for their own pleasure. It is up to us to ask them…

There is no more important or more glorious work for humans of all religions than bringing all the powers of our mind, heart and will to bear on the realization of Golden Age on earth.

This is why it is so important that we form a powerful, living nucleus bent on the coming of the kingdom of God. In this way we can influence other minds and souls. And one day, when the children of light are all united in thought and intent on the same goal, they will tip the balance and outweigh all those who seek destruction and chaos.

The kingdom of God will come, I promise you. And the Golden Age too. Every time you pray for this sincerely, intensely and selflessly, your prayer is answered, but it is answered progressively. It is an ongoing process which expands and takes shape only gradually, for what you are asking for cannot be achieved in a day…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn, Chapter 2


  1. Sam October 4, 2015 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you for posting this insightful series – I have had a question I’ve been concerned with answered with a ‘light-bulb’ moment of understanding regarding bringing heaven down to us on earth. Wonderful! ?

    • Valerie Unite October 23, 2015 at 11:11 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your comment, dear Sam, which makes us make very happy. We keep in touch 🙂 Have a wonderful Weekend!

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