A Universal Religion

The Church of St Peter has always been appallingly intolerant, chopping off heads or burning at the stake all those who refused to think or behave exactly according to the rules it laid down.

The members of the Church of St John, on the other hand, have never cut off anyone’s head; they have never thrown people into prison; they have always left men and women free to follow their preferences while, for their part, they concentrated on trying to be closer to the Lord and to resemble him ever more perfectly.

We should aspire to resemble God
The Church of Peter has held people down in a state of mediocrity and weakness, saying that it was pride—and therefore forbidden—to aspire to resemble God. And yet did Jesus not say, ‘Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect’? This is the supreme ideal; and if some people choose a different ideal that is their business.

The universal religion will be the religion of the sun
The Catholic religion can boast of being universal if it likes. This may be how it sees itself, but this opinion is not shared by initiates. The universal religion will be the religion of the sun, for only the sun is universal.

The sun provides an image that has the power to propel us all the way to the Deity
On the pretext that it is forbidden to adore anyone or anything but God, they show very little feeling or understanding of the world in which we live. Is that intelligent? Why do they refuse to admit that only the sun is capable of bringing us closer to God, for only the sun can give us some idea of God’s immensity, of his light, his love and his power? By rejecting the sun people condemn themselves to remain forever weak, forever immured in cold and darkness.

…The religion of the future will be the religion of the sun, because it is the sun that most accurately represents the Blessed Trinity.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, August 25, 1965

Complete Works Volume 26. A New Dawn, Book 2

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