A year in India : February 1959 – February 1960, Final

“I spent a truly unusual year in India, during which I lived in unique circumstances, did unique work, had unique experiences, met unique people and learned unique things. I thank the divine Mother and all those who guided and helped me during this time. I drank water from springs and I breathed the pure air of mountains! But I had to adapt to other customs, to speak a different language, and I never thought that, when I got back, I would have so much difficulty re-adapting to life here. When I was there I was constantly in touch with you in my thoughts, and I sent you messages. But I lost the rhythm of life here and also the desire to talk. It will take me a little while to adapt to life here once again.

Now I am going to leave you for a few days, but before I go I am going to give you a talisman that will keep you inspired and supported in your work. This talisman is a name I was given, and the one who gave it to me was greater than Babaji. This new name is OMRAAM, and from now on my name is Omraam Mikhaël. OM is a sound which disintegrates all that is harmful and shadowy (it corresponds to the word ‘Solve’ in the alchemical tradition), as it sends everything back to the source by transforming it into light. RAAM on the other hand, has the power through its vibrations to condense, to materialize, all that is subtle, and it corresponds to the ‘Coagula” of the alchemists. So, in my name, the two alchemical processes are found united: solve and coagula.

These two syllables of my new name act on the two highest chakras, the Ajna and the Sahasrara. By pronouncing them, you can disintegrate all that limits and burdens you, and you can materialize all that you long for that is good and luminous. It is a magical word, and you should say it whenever you need to. Never use it in service of your own selfish interests or to harm someone, because not only will you receive nothing, but you run the risk of being severely called to order. Names act mysteriously on people, and the use of names is a branch of science very close to that of numbers, for name and number represent the same reality.

This gift I have given you today is intangible, but you will be able to feel it. Until now, when you needed enlightenment and support, you called on me, but I have my limits. From now on, by saying my name, you will be calling on another ‘me’, who is rich, strong and inexhaustible. Heaven, in its desire to help me, has given me this name, Omraam, and you and I will both be helped. It is up to you to learn how to use this name.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov –
A living Book, Autobiographical Reflections 1

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