Act as if you were hearing this for the first time

‘What I have said today is important, think about it and meditate on it. Above all, do not say, ‘Oh, I know all that; I’ve already heard or read it.’ That may well be true, but even if it is, behave as though you were hearing it for the first time, otherwise you will never evolve. The trouble with most people is that they try to show their superiority by hiding behind that reaction: they have heard it all.

Pride often clouds the intellect

Whatever you tell them, their answer is always, ‘Yes, I know.’ Well, if they know, why have they not done anything about it? If they really possessed true knowledge they would already have overcome every difficulty and obstacle in their lives. But these people have never conquered even the slightest weakness, they are always in the same sorry predicament. How can you expect me to have any faith in their superiority? It is vitally important that you change your attitude and stop thinking that you know everything. Your pride clouds your intellect to such an extent that it prevents you from evolving. So drive out pride.

Be more humble and react to what I have just been saying as though it were the first time you had heard it. ‘Oh, but this is marvellous; it’s a real discovery, a revelation.’ If you have this attitude you will be amazed at the progress you make. Oh yes, I know very well what is preventing you from evolving.

This form of yoga restores your spirit to its rightful place

Take what I have said about the sun today, and treasure it as an extremely important truth; make a note of it, meditate on it and never forget it. The more you work with this form of yoga, which is little known and often despised, the more effective you will find it. It will give you a much better grasp of many things and will help you to fit your actions to your new understanding.

Try to understand that when you contemplate the sun, the centre of the solar system, you are restoring order to an identical system within you, you are reinstating your own inner sun, your spirit, and enabling it to regain its rightful place.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works 10, The Splendours of Tiphareth
Chapter 1, The Sun, Centre of our Universe
Izvor Book 201, Towards a Solar Civilization

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