All initiates encourage fasting, Part 2/7

On the ceaseless path of evolution that leads us to the summit, we will face trials in order to develop our inner potential. It is we, and not the invisible world, that need to be conscious of this potential. Just as human beings go through various periods of growth and experience different stages during their physical lives, when they come down to earth they will undergo trials to strengthen themselves spiritually – regardless of their stage of advancement.

Only the trials will vary depending on their degree of evolution. Some know how to gain from them, and others do not. Some will benefit from each trial and increase their wealth, while others will be overwhelmed and will not be transformed. Jesus had to face similar trials to other human beings. He did not need to learn from them, but he had to face them.

The deep meaning of fasting
Jesus went to the desert and fasted for forty days. Why was he fasting? Few people are aware of the deep meaning of fasting because they have never practised it. If they go one day without eating, they think it’s the end of the world – they will become emaciated, lose their good looks, or even perish.

In reality, all initiates encourage fasting, because they know that it purifies the body and that purity is the source of health. If we eat without a break, the cells of our stomach and all our organs become accustomed to relying on their ‘master’.

When you fast you teach your cells to work
They know that he will always satisfy them, and they become lazy. They relax, lack nothing, and become passive. The overabundance of food then cannot all be absorbed, and it stagnates in the tissues where it begins to ferment, and putrefy, and that is how illness starts.

People must fast to teach their cells to work. When we fast, our cells become afraid and say to themselves, ‘Our master has a new idea in his head. He wants to kill us.’ They deliberate, form a counsel to work out how to cope.

Since their master gives them very little food, they decide to become more economical, wiser and more active and there is no more fermentation in the body. Not fasting is actually dangerous over time because our cells become passive, lazy and weak.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, January 28, 1939

To be continued…

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 6. The Three Great Temptations

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