An aura can reach throughout the cosmos, Part 3/7

A Master’s one desire is to spread their aura farther and farther, to reach and take ‘under their wing’ the greatest possible number of human beings. This is their ideal, an ideal of sublime nobility! By means of their aura a Master purifies the atmosphere and illuminates and gives a new beauty and new life to all creatures. It is through their aura, also, that they influence plants and their seeds and even modify atmospheric currents. Yes, the aura of an Initiate is something truly divine!

Thanks to the immensity of their aura, which enables them to reach innumerable very remote regions of the universe, Initiates acquire a profound grasp of things. This is why I say that you must stop applying your minds to all kinds of concerns which can give you neither heavenly visions nor heavenly bliss, and launch out on the wings of a strong, luminous aura, to the sublime heights where you may learn how God created the world and what messages He has left inscribed on the stars and the mountains, on lakes, birds, animals and plants.

But the one condition that is essential in order to purify, intensify and reinforce your aura, is to cherish the lofty ideal of working at your own perfection, of doing only what is just and noble, of harbouring only the purest thoughts and feelings. If you do this, you will become a focal point of vitality for all around you. When they are with you, people will feel enlightened and calmer and more peaceful.

Human beings are drawn to what is pure, luminous and harmonious, so if someone wants to be loved, they are going to have to understand that they must allow only pure, luminous forces to enter themselves. There is only one way to achieve love, light and power, and that is to work to cleanse your aura of all the impure colours whose bad vibrations destroy the good in others.

You have all known people whose presence leaves you emptied and sucked dry after no more than five minutes: all inspiration, joy and faith in God abandon you. Everything bright and good vanishes! But there are others: after only a few minutes in their presence, you feel yourself coming back to life, your old cells are replaced by new ones and, once again, you are full of faith and energy. It is their aura which causes these changes.

Now that you know this, you can readily understand that the aura of an Initiate can be a powerful instrument of magic. Since it is an integral part of their being, wherever they go, their presence benefits the mineral, vegetable, animal and human reigns. But that is not the end of it: a Master can even use their aura to help the billions upon trillions of disembodied beings in space. Yes, their aura can even reach and help beings in the world beyond. I have given much study to this question and I can tell you that a Master is constantly at work to improve the lot of countless beings in the astral and mental worlds.

Even though, on earth, they may have only a handful of human beings in their care, on the other side they are constantly in touch with a multitude of creatures who gather round them to receive warmth, light and renewed life from their aura in order to advance their evolution. Yes, the veritable field of action of the great Masters is not on earth, amongst human beings. Although it cannot be seen by human eyes, their most intense activity takes place on the other side.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Les Monts-de-Pully (Switzerland) 22 May 1960

Compete Works Volume 6, Harmony
Chapter 12. The Aura

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