Aquarius, the Law of Evolution, Part 4/5

Evolution, the transformation of matter, is what life is all about. Exactly what forms and manifestations we shall see in the future is another question, but there is a reason, a plan, a law that impels the whole of creation to evolve. This is why those who contribute to this evolution are helped and encouraged. Everything has to evolve. Even minerals evolve. The evolution of minerals is imperceptible but it is no less real; there is a force at work within them that will eventually allow them to manifest their inherent properties and virtues.

The precious stones and metals which have healing, beneficial properties are the more highly evolved minerals. Plants also evolve and, the more they evolve, the more they produce flowers and fruit with beneficial curative and nutritious properties. The same is true of animals and also of men; it is even true of the whole solar system which is gradually moving towards the constellation of Hercules.

Everything in the universe has to advance, improve and evolve and, when something or someone flouts this law, they are destroyed: human civilizations, worlds, even constellations have already vanished because they defied the law of evolution. In fact, you would be amazed to know how many things in the universe are continually being destroyed or disappearing while new things are appearing. The human brain is still incapable of containing the immensity of the universe.


From now on, therefore, make up your minds to take this law of evolution seriously and tell yourselves that you must evolve, you must make progress, otherwise you will find yourselves up against the law. If you work in this spirit you will be restoring order within yourselves, your whole life will be transformed and you will create a magnificent future for yourselves.

Unfortunately, very few men and women are imbued with this idea; they work, but the goal of their work is not perfection; on the contrary, they work in order to dominate more people, acquire more possessions and have more pleasure. They don’t work and study for a divine idea. You can see proof of this in the fact that, once they have got what they wanted for themselves, they work and study no more. Yes, everybody works, but the goal for which they work is always selfish.

Don’t expect perfection to come from elsewhere. To promise human beings that they will be given everything they want without having to make the slightest effort is to mislead them. In fact, if you always got everything you asked for, you would be unhappier than ever. Why? Because it would not have cost you any effort; it is when we strive for something that we are happiest.

To be continued

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Complete Works, Vol. 25, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the light of Initiatic Science

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