Astrology explains the tests we will face, Part 7/7

Through astrology, we can learn about of all the trials we will have to face at some time or another. There are a number of different tests, but they fall into one of three categories:

  1. Those where our will is tested.
  2. Those where our love is weighed.
  3. Those where our intelligence is assessed.

Every time you run into an obstacle, ask yourself: ‘What type of trial am I facing today? In which category does it belong?’ Because each one requires us to respond in a particular way.

The astrological chart provides some hints that help us to find answers for the three kinds of tests. Not everyone faces the same challenges. Some have come to the earth only to solve only material problems. They will have to struggle with matter to get food and clothes, a roof over their head, or for money.

Others will live perfectly well on the material plane but will face trials in relation to feelings. They will experience feelings of jealousy and suspicion as well as having decadent tastes. Nothing will be wanting on the material plane, but nothing will work in their hearts. Some others will have difficulties in the mental dimension. They lack intelligence, they are hesitant, indecisive, and do not know which way to go.

Most people are destined to work more in one area than the others. But it can happen that we are asked to work equally in all areas. This happens to lesser beings who have not evolved much, or conversely, to those who are advanced and very gifted. The astrological chart will reveal these peculiarities.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, January 28, 1939

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 6. The Three Great Temptations


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