Our Aura reaches out into space, Part 3/5

Human beings take up far more space than the volume occupied by their physical bodies. If you study their emanations and radiations, their aura and their magnetic field, you will see that their action can be felt at great distances.

Humans are much more than their physical bodies. Their beings reach out into space, they move about in space. You have probably heard of the experiments in telepathy carried out by the American army in an attempt to test certain possibilities of the human mind and see if they could be used for military purposes.

US Army experiments in telepathy
Two people who were known to be psychically sensitive were chosen. One of them remained in Washington, under the observation of a special committee: his task was to emit images and thoughts which he noted as he went along. These notes were immediately placed in a safe, so that there was no possibility of anyone cheating. The other person was thousands of miles away, in a submarine submerged in the Pacific and he, too, was kept under constant observation by a special committee.

His task was to note the images and thoughts he received and he, too, put his notes away, immediately, in another safe. At the end of the experiment, everyone was astounded to find that, with a few minor exceptions, the two files coincided exactly.

Thoughts can penetrate the ocean depths and outer space
We are obliged to recognize that, if thought can penetrate the depths of the ocean, it must be an extraordinarily powerful force. It is by means of these radiations, these emissions of minute particles which vibrate extremely rapidly and powerfully and which can be received by other minds, that human beings can reach an extraordinary distance out into space, as far as the sun. Materialistic science has still not studied everything and that is why it should not lay down the law about things it knows nothing about.

I once told you that stones could fly, and you wondered what had got into me, to say such a thing. But what is dust? Isn’t it minute stones floating in the air? It is the same matter – as dust comes from the earth – that the earth comes from rocks and stones which have crumbled away.

To be continued

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 3, Creative activity as a means of evolution

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