Become invincible – adopt methods that work, Part 5/5

Tiberias, Mt Hermon and the Sea of Galilee in 1839

The Lord asks strength, intelligence, light and power of His servants. If you want to conquer your difficulties, your enemies, therefore, you have to build up your strength. See if you cannot find a little calf somewhere – in your head, perhaps – and practise picking it up every day.

You will soon be so strong, and so luminous and powerful, that you will be capable of picking up your enemies and holding them up in the air, telling them, ‘Make your act of contrition; I’m going to smash you to pieces!’

Daily practice to make us as bright and as hot as the sun
You will not kill them, of course; you will not even hurt them, so you will have nothing on your conscience. This is the true philosophy: instead of killing someone you help them and give them a chance to become wiser, more reasonable and better behaved. In other words you teach them something extremely important.

You must meditate, search and practise and, one day, you will become as bright and as hot as the sun. You will be invulnerable for, after all, can anyone touch the sun without burning themselves? Ill-wishers will steer clear of you because – symbolically speaking – you will be aflame, a fiery furnace. In the face of true spiritual strength, everyone is obliged to lay down their arms.

Turning the other cheek and your enemies will treat you worse than ever
You will say, ‘Yes, but if I turn the other cheek, my enemy will be ashamed and beg me to forgive them’. Don’t you believe it. They will not repent; they are more likely to treat you worse than ever. No, you would do much better to follow the example of that young schoolteacher who picked up his calf every day.

Through daily training we become stronger and stronger
As an example, it is unique, you could find none better. Day and night, for years on end, you must practise and grow stronger and stronger until, one fine day, you seek out your enemies, saying, ‘Do you recognize me? You’d better look out because you’re in for a surprise!’

And, at the sight of your strength and the light radiating from you, they will realize that while they were involved in pointless pursuits, you have been in training and have become invincible.

You can be strong, invincibly strong, thanks to the light
Is all this clear, now? It goes against your traditional ideas, I know, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that it is useful. And it works! You must adopt ideas and methods that work instead of clinging indefinitely to attitudes that are ineffective.

To begin with, these new notions may shock you, but, if you want to become stronger and stronger, always stronger, but without violence, without killing or destroying, you will be obliged to accept them. You can be strong, invincibly strong, thanks to the light.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
The Bonfin, September 12, 1963

Complete Works, Volume 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 20 Turn the other cheek

Image: Lithograph by David Roberts, April 1839, Tiberias, looking towards Hermon

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