Birth on the different planes of being

– There are certain processes in the spiritual life which require a change of polarity. Disciples who want to bring the Christ Child to birth within must start by seeking out the Child’s father. If the disciple is a man, he has to switch to a negative polarity and become like a woman. In other words he must cultivate humility, docility and patience.

When a man wants to create a child on the physical plane, he has to be active and emissive, but when he himself who wants to give birth to a child on the spiritual plane, then, in order to attract the cosmic Spirit, he has to adopt the feminine polarity and develop the corresponding virtues. When he does this and when the child has been conceived, then he can begin to nourish it, exactly as a mother nourishes a child in her womb, and avoid doing anything that would disturb the formative work going on within him.

And a woman can also create a divine child, but she too must switch her polarity. Conception on the physical plane is possible only when the woman is receptive, passive, but on the spiritual plane she has to become active and unite herself to the universal Soul. She has to woo and win the universal Soul, before the child can be born.

I can see that you are all rather astonished; the idea of a change of polarity is quite new to you, but this is something you have to know about.

When the disciple’s soul has become as lovely as a young princess adorned with pearls and precious stones, then the cosmic Spirit will come to it to fertilize it.

But disciples must always be on their guard, for some people who claim to be seeking the Holy Spirit only manage to attract the devil! They manage to attract some spirits, it is true, but having forgotten all about purifying themselves to begin with, they attract spirits of darkness. How can you expect the Holy Spirit to come to you if you don’t even try to live divinely?

But the very best way of attracting it is to have tremendous love for it.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Izvor 209, Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition,

Image: Josephine Wall


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