The Body of Glory, Part 2

How to develop your body of glory

Our body of glory is there, within us, in the form of a seed, a germ, and the task of a disciple is precisely to water, warm, and nourish this seed. When you experience some moments of intense spiritual life, or listen to music, or are deeply moved by the sight of something very beautiful, you are nourishing and reinforcing your body of glory. These feelings of love and wonder, these emotions, are the particles with which you nourish this body within you, just as a woman nourishes the child in her womb with her thoughts and feelings as well as with her blood.

You can only nourish your body of glory with the purest and most luminous elements; this is why you must be very careful to filter out all impurities of thought and feeling. And if you experience a difficult moment and are besieged by feelings of hatred, jealousy, or revenge, remember that this can retard the formation of your body of glory, and immediately change your state of mind.

Our body of glory can only be formed by the best in us, and if we nourish it for a long time with our own flesh and blood, our own fluid, our own life, it will become bright and radiant, strong, powerful, and immortal, because it will be formed of eternal materials that cannot corrode or tarnish. It will accomplish marvels, not only within us but also all around us.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
A New Earth, Vol.13, Chap.16

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