The Body of Glory, Part 3, Conclusion

“You will ask, ‘But how can we get hold of the materials we need?’ and the answer is: by means of the law of affinity. Each of your thoughts, feelings, and desires draws from the surrounding atmosphere matter which exactly corresponds to it. Good thoughts, feelings, and desires, backed up by a firm intention, capture particles of pure, eternal, incorruptible matter. If you work every day to acquire this matter, it will enter and pervade your whole being and drive out any mouldy, worn-out, dusty particles it finds, until your physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies are completely regenerated.

Also, every particle of matter is linked to a corresponding force, and the purer the matter the higher its rate of vibration, and the greater its capacity to attract forces corresponding to its purity. Therefore, when you replace the worn-out particles of your body with new, pure particles found in the celestial regions above, you are also attracting to yourself kindred currents and forces. In this way, every time you rise to the divine world and contemplate it in the form of light, beauty, music, and harmony, you gather new particles which, as they are all alive, never come alone; they bring with them their corresponding forces, energies, and spirits.

So you must surpass and transcend yourselves, in order to draw the purest and most luminous particles from the etheric ocean and weld them into your body of glory. You are already capable of obtaining these particles today; in tiny quantities to begin with, but gradually, day by day, in greater and greater quantities.
That is what you are doing every day at sunrise: you leave the earth and link up with heaven, with the sun; and the sun gives you some bright, shining particles to add to your body of glory.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
The New Earth, Vol.13, Chap.16

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