Bringing Spirit and Matter together within us

Some people flee the world, because flight suits those timid souls that are so anxious to save themselves.

But today, instead of trying to save our souls, we must throw ourselves whole-heartedly into the glorious work of bringing heaven down to earth. You will protest, ‘But how could we ever do that? It is quite impossible!’

When we find heaven, we must bring the light down to earth
Not at all, the triangle of the spirit shows us how to do it. A disciple must still seek heaven, that is true, but once they find it they must bring down to earth all the light of heaven, all the love, all the power, and all the purity of heaven, and introduce them into their own physical body, into their brain, their lungs, their stomach, their whole being. In this way, after years of striving, they bring spirit and matter together again within themself and attain the fullness of perfection symbolized by the Seal of Solomon.

We must be linked to heaven but we must work on earth
Many extreme tendencies are surfacing in the world today. There are countries that are technically, economically and socially advanced; they have done everything possible to improve their material conditions, but they have done away with religion.

And then there are others such as India (although, even in India, things have changed to a certain extent) that have such a strong spiritual tradition that the material dimension is quite neglected, and millions and millions of their people live in poverty and disease. Naturally, I cannot say that either solution by itself is the right one; both are necessary. We must always be linked to heaven but we must also work on earth.

It is here on earth that we are needed
This then is what the new religion teaches: we must work to bring something of the divine into the world. You will protest, ‘But what about heaven? We want to work for heaven.’ Yes, but heaven does not need you; it already has everything. What could you possibly add to all the wealth that heaven possesses?

It is here on earth that you are needed, and this means that you must revise your tactics. I am not saying that you should turn your backs on heaven. On the contrary, you must continue to maintain close ties with heaven so as to be in a position to give to others. For after all, if you cut yourself off from heaven you will never be rich and never have anything to give to others.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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