Brotherhood – the value of the future

Every day, the Stock Exchange publishes the share prices: some are rising, others are falling, those that are rising today will fall tomorrow, and vice versa. Yes, and on a larger scale, the same phenomena have taken place in the history of the world: at any given time, certain values were held high, and others were considered worthless.

In certain eras, for example, physical courage was glorified: heroes were those who knew how to fight each other in tournaments, duels or wars, and who were never afraid of danger. In other times, sacrifice was accorded the highest worth: men and women were admired who could give up everything in order to devote themselves to God in solitude and silence, or to serve the poor, the sick and the persecuted.

In our times, it is the intellect that is most highly valued: the capacity to reason and acquire knowledge in order to act on matter.

But this will not last, and already another value is making its appearance: brotherhood. It is this that will motivate human beings to keep expanding their consciousness, until they acquire the consciousness of universality.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Book 25, A New Dawn

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