A call for enlightened Leaders

None of the political regimes known to man so far has been capable of really ensuring the peace and happiness of the peoples of the world. Monarchy, oligarchy or republic, whatever the system that may have been tried, none has ever offered a sustainable solution.

And the reason is not hard to find: it is because the system of government is not everything. Until individuals subject to that system are conscious of their own responsibility, and while they fail to understand that it is up to each one to make every possible effort to live in harmony with others whatever the system of government may be, social disorder and turmoil will continue to exist and men will continue to flounder in misery and discontent.

The present state of affairs will go on for years and years: there will be republics, democracies, wars, devastation and revolution. And when human beings are tired and worn out, almost at their last gasp, they will begin to long for a new order and then, perhaps, the great Masters will come and take charge of the destiny of mankind, and at the sight of such splendour, such justice, everyone will be ready to accept enlightened leaders.

People love justice and order and if they are incapable of establishing a just, ordered society it is because they always choose one of their own number to govern them instead of choosing a being of a higher order. If you choose your leader from the rank of file of the ant population they will, no doubt, be capable of making speeches, biting and quarrelling with the other ants and stuffing their storehouse full of grain, but that is all; it is no use expecting them to be a saviour of mankind.

Only those who are inspired from on high are capable of imposing the reign of order, peace and harmony in the world. And when this aristocracy of elite beings begins to be heard by the people, then everything will be transformed. It is the masses themselves that will clamour to be governed by the best and noblest, for they will recognize that, left to their own devices, without the light of Initiatic Science to guide them, they are lost.

But never forget that this hierarchical order must be established, first and foremost, within each human being. This is why you should ask Heaven to send you an aristocracy of luminous beings to guide and instruct you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 208, The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace
Complete Works, Vol. 25, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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