Can we change our Destiny?

With a few extremely rare exceptions, no human being has ever been born into this world without some faults for which they have to make reparation or have some debts to pay.

Even many Initiates, Saints and Prophets have had to suffer in order to make reparation for faults committed in previous incarnations. But this did not prevent their souls and spirits from dwelling in divine splendour. Yes, because they worked, worked unceasingly, in spite of their karma, and became divinities.

You do not have to accept your Destiny
Destiny cannot be moved to pity, but it is never cruel; it is simply just. All the faults you have committed are piled up on one side of the scales, but if you decide to amend your life the good things you do will add weight to the other side of the scales. In this way, when the time comes, your good thoughts, sentiments and actions will be taken into account and your debt will be lighter.

This means also that you must not become fatalistic and say, ‘Since my destiny is thus and so, there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to accept it.’ No; there is one thing you must never forget, and it is this: destiny never wants to stifle or extinguish the spirit. On the contrary, its role is to oblige us to awaken the spirit, to work with the spirit in order to create a new destiny for ourselves.

Escape the world of Destiny and enter the world of Providence or Grace
Because of the faults committed in previous incarnations, human beings are now subject to destiny. The Hindus say that they have to pay their karma. But this does not mean that there is nothing they can do about it; if they simply lie down under it they will end by being totally crushed. On the contrary, they must fight with weapons of love and light so as to triumph over their destiny and come under the law of providence.

And once there, destiny no longer has a hold on them, because they dwell in the realm of light. They move onto another plane where the laws are no longer the same; they leave the world of destiny and enter the world of grace.

Providence is always there, it is a choice
Most people have very vague ideas on the subject; they often think that everything that happens to them in life, good or bad, is destiny. No, the words ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’ should be used to refer to what happens as a result of your ignorance or your faults, whereas what happens to you as a result of your light and all the good things you have done is providence. So, now this is clear: providence is always there for those who dwell in the light and in divine love, and destiny or fate is the lot of those who persist in their blindness and thoughtlessness. More posts on this subject

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