Modern life causes our inner hearing to atrophy

A material life shuts out the invisible world
For ‘modern’ people, talk of pausing is something they find unbearable, even senseless. On the contrary, they are so preoccupied with material matters, are always in a hurry to reach their goals and want everything right away, and their inner hearing becomes atrophied.

Even if you are not aware of it, you are living in an inner world made of intangible substances and materials of unknown quantity, but which are also very real. The day you feel the reality of this invisible world, you will find yourself in a new dimension.

Cultivate the ability to pause
Try to avoid impatience; on the contrary, learn to cultivate the ability to pause, for at any moment you may receive a warning, some news, a clarification. In doing so, you will create a kind of inner photocell that warns you if an entity or a current is passing by.

Immediately seek to establish its nature, and if you feel it is a dark current weighing you down, move; move about, do something right away to neutralize it.

Currents of light move very fast and do not wait
But when you feel a current of light come and gently touch you, stay still until it has taken possession of you. If you start wanting to change to a more comfortable position as an excuse for capturing it better, you will lose it and not be able to catch hold of it. Such currents do not wait, they pass by.

It is therefore up to you to learn how to get them to penetrate deeply into your soul, so that then they accompany you in everything you do throughout the day. The more a current is spiritual, the faster it is; and divine currents pass by as fast as lightning. If your inner device is not in a state to function instantaneously, they will escape, like a very subtle perfume rising from a precious bottle.

Currents of the lower world linger around
Everything that lingers, that spreads or becomes encrusted even, is a manifestation of the lower world. Look at how our instincts have become so encrusted! The farther you go along the path of love and wisdom, the more you will be able to retain the currents that come from higher worlds. Entities of light do not linger around those who do not resonate with them; that is why inspiration, joy and ecstasy are only very fleeting moments for most humans.

Invite the currents of light to penetrate every cell of your body
To make them last, you have to give these entities the conditions they need. So, prepare your brain, your heart, your lungs and every cell in your body by purifying them, so that one day they can become the home for such entities.

Why is the sage happy?… Though he does not ignore all the expressions of evil in the world and the suffering that results from it, he is always alert to any beneficial currents passing through him, and he does his best to retain them. He knows that he would be offending heaven if he allowed the treasures and the blessings it showers upon us every day to go to waste.

Izvor Book 204, The Laughter of a Sage

Chapter 4, Waiting and Staying Alert

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