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Power over ferocious dogs

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Soon after his return to Sofia, Peter Deunov gave Mikhaël a special test that he reserved for the boldest of his disciples: the ascent of Mount Musala alone on a moonless night, without a lantern. ‘The experience will help you to understand many things,’ said the Master. Mikhaël waited for a night without a moon [...]

Intuition – work on our Third Eye every day

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'The third eye of an Initiate is an antenna which puts him in touch with the divine world. We would do well to practise concentrating on our third eye every day; it is a very good exercise which makes it possible to attain an extraordinary degree of elevation from which we see things from a [...]

Mikhaël on the subject of clairvoyance, Part 4/5

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Speaking later of his psychic powers—and in particular of his clairvoyance— Mikhaël said that while at Ternovo he had sensed a great inner effervescence, and that he often had revelations about people’s past lives. Whenever possible, he asked Peter Deunov to verify the truth of those revelations. But before long he realized that to reveal such [...]

Mischief on Musala, Part 3/5

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The Rila Lakes in the Musala mountains, Bulgaria As a young man Mikhaël had a love of mischief and was quite capable of doing something spectacular just for the fun of it. Many years later he told of one such incident: “When I was still very young there were certain exercises that I loved to [...]

Continuing an ancient spiritual tradition, Final, Part 4/4

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"Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov sometimes said that the Mysteries, taught for thousands of years in the temples of Egypt and India, had also been faithfully preserved in an initiatic center deep in the heart of Bulgaria’s Rila massif, known only to true adepts. One of these ancient adepts, the mysterious Magus Boyan who had developed great psychic [...]

Higher forms of Clairvoyance, Part 3/4

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But here at last was a man reputed to be a great clairvoyant, who could speak from personal experience. Mikhaël’s first question, ‘How can I become clairvoyant?’ received an answer that surprised him. Instead of explaining a method, Peter Deunov simply said: ‘Through love. You must develop your love. Your clairvoyance will be far greater [...]

Meeting his Master, Peter Deunov, Part 2/4

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"...Between the ages of fifteen and seventeen Mikhaël was to know the joy of frequent mystical experiences, and by the time he met the spiritual guide who was to accompany him on the physical plane, he would have gathered all his forces, tested his capacities, and purified his whole being. But at seventeen, he was [...]

The Life of a Master in the West, Part 1/4 

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‘The year was 1992, and I had undertaken to write a biography of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, this great Bulgarian-born spiritual Master, who had traced a new path, a way of life which he called ‘the path of Light’. Over the course of seven long years of research I was to find that he was even [...]

Clairvoyance, its different levels

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Everybody knows that if they go into a dark cave or a forest at night, they must take a lantern or flashlight with them, but they have never paused to think about what that means. We always expect things to be lit for us, but this not possible; we have to illuminate them for ourselves. Actually, [...]

A Rose – helps us discover true love, (Final 2/2)

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-The rose is a gift that Venus gave to the earth. Roses are the containers for the Venusian currents, the currents of love. When we draw close to them, we receive this love. Love is incarnate in roses; why neglect such a gift?... Of course, on the surface a rose is nothing much, but in [...]