Light and the Sun

Many paths lead to the Creator

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Why do you come up here, to the Rock of Prayer at sunrise every morning? Some come because they want to be like everybody else; others for the aesthetic pleasure they get out of it. How many of you come for the sake of the infinitely noble work that you can do here, or in [...]

Prana is a living energy we can obtain from the sun

2017-08-18T19:11:32+01:00August 18th, 2017|About - Daily Posts, Consciouness & Meditation, Light and the Sun|

Although most of us seek the sun, at least unconsciously, as we book our holidays, and complain about grey, cloudy days, we are generally unaware of how vitally important the sun is to our lives, to our psychic as well as physical health, our relationships with others and even our spiritual evolution. Apart from being [...]

The sun, centre of our inner life

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In the twenty first century we know the sun is the centre of our solar system and the planets, including the earth, revolve around it, and yet many of us behave as though we still believed the earth were the centre of the universe and we human beings, the summit of creation. This egocentric (or [...]

The ideal of the ‘New Human Being’,

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'Over the course of my life, I have had occasion to study many individual people and to see why they do what they do, to see what their motives are and what they hope to obtain. And as it was often easy for me to see in advance that a person’s built-in faculties and capacities [...]

New illnesses are evidence of the disharmony in modern life

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Many new types of activity have appeared in recent years- 'Today, I want to add a few words to what I was saying yesterday about work, for there are a great many points that still need to be clarified. Certain kinds of work erode and disintegrate human beings and make it impossible for them to [...]

Distrust those whose eyes shine too brightly

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 'Will-o'-the-Wisps' - Learn to recognise true spiritual light - If you imagine that you are going to lose your light by working physically, then it would be better to lose it, because what you lose will not be true light. True light cannot be lost by working; on the contrary, if you work, the light [...]

Spiritual work requires physical work

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'Often we hear spiritualists declaring that, if they worked on the physical plane, they would lose their light! No, physical work is necessary; it must be there as the necessary prelude to heat, that is to say, to love. And when that love is sufficiently intense it produces light, that is to say, intelligence. Light [...]

The sun is my teacher

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The sun is the most extraordinary being in the whole of our solar system - Believe me, there is no greater happiness than the happiness of the sun. Without worrying about whether anyone benefits from its gifts or not, it continues to give. Such an attitude is unheard of amongst human beings. As soon as [...]

Stirring the ocean of spirituality, Part 1/3

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'My dear brothers and sisters, I can understand that, when you are at home, you have no time to meditate in the morning, because you have to rush off to work. But that is not the case here at The Bonfin; you are not in a hurry, you have every opportunity you need, so make [...]

Works of art lovelier than their creator, Part 5/5

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'A human creator who wishes to produce an immortal, unforgettable masterpiece, must not make the mistake of so many contemporary artists and remain on the level of the five senses. It is the fashion, in modern art, to portray the most mundane realities of everyday life. Most artists do not know how to rise to [...]