Christ and the Solar Religion

There was only one Jesus, but there are, there can be, thousands of Christs. Jesus will always be a unique being. He is head of the Christian religion, Just as Buddha is head of Buddhism, or Muhammed the head of Islam. But Christ is the head of the whole of humanity, and indeed the whole universe. He is not the head of one religion, but of all religions. It was from him that they received their inspiration.

When the lord Gautama attained enlightenment he was given the title of Buddha, and all who reach this ‘Buddic’ state (we would say this ‘Christic’ state), are called Buddhas. Gautama was not the only one. There have been many others. The name ‘Buddha’ or ‘Christ’ is not the proper name of a particular person; it is the name of a principle, of a state of consciousness.

It is important that you understand this correctly. Christians have never been taught these distinctions, and the result is that they confuse many different notions. With the exception of those who have received the light of initiatic science–and they are exceedingly rare–most Christians carry a chaotic jumble of truths and half-truths in their heads.

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Christians always think of Christ as being in some specific place, in Palestine for example, where Jesus lived. But if he is truly the resurrection and the life he cannot be living in Palestine. He is living in the sun. Of course, he is also everywhere in nature, but for us, in a very special way, he is in the sun. This is why, if you get into the habit of looking at the sun in the morning and thinking it is Christ who is there before your eyes, if you make contact with him and love him, your whole being will thrill and vibrate in unison with that cosmic light, condensed and made manifest in and through the sun.

Certainly, Christ is far, far greater than the sun. He is the son of God, and he does not manifest himself exclusively in our sun. There are innumerable other suns in the immensity of the cosmos, far bigger and brighter than ours. This is why, when I speak of Christ, you must understand that I am not speaking of Jesus but of the cosmic principle which has neither beginning nor end.

Jesus was man who lived in Palestine 2,000 years ago; a being of such purity and nobility, a being so highly evolved that in his thirtieth year he received the Holy Spirit, and at the same time, the spirit of Christ. This is why he was called Jesus Christ. But Christ can be born in the heart and soul of all human beings. It was he who manifested himself in Orpheus, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, and all the great initiates of every country and every age.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Vol. 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth – The Yoga of the Sun

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