Climbing spiritually each day, Part 6/7

Mt Musala Summit –

Creating a link to the heavenly fountainhead – It was this ideal which the Master was training us to achieve when he said,

‘Have a heart as pure as crystal,
a mind as luminous as the sun,
a soul as vast as the universe
and a spirit as powerful as God and one with God.’

The importance of Harmony
This ideal was so far away from us, yet we felt that it was accessible each time he took us with him to climb a peak. We almost had to run behind him, but he always arrived first and was never out of breath, no matter how steep the paths.

The explanation no doubt was found in his rhythmic breathing, and in the movements of his arms and his body; in this way he neutralized the negative currents that cause fatigue. Walking is a complex system of simultaneous movements which must be harmonized, and to achieve that harmony we must pay attention not only to the movements of the body and, to the breath, but also to the thoughts which dwell in us. Obviously, this truth is valid for all other activities in life.

Bring the summits you climb into your heart as a living reality
When we reached the top, the Master would say to us, ‘From this summit we are like a radio station, so let us send out from here the most powerful waves, thoughts of light. In their turn, beings will transmit them to others in relays… No thought is ever lost.’

He said to us over and over again, ‘Each day, we must do all we can to climb, because we can only find the great and the beautiful in elevated places. Even if, physically, we are obliged to stay in an enclosed valley, inwardly we must project ourselves to the heights so that we can breathe the pure atmosphere of angels and archangels. That is why, when you come down, bring the summit you have just climbed into the depths of your heart as a living reality.’

The restoring effect of hot water
After so many hours of hiking we would come back thirsty, but we had to avoid drinking cold water. That is why, when we got back to the camp, we were always welcomed with great pots of hot water. We would drink several cups of it and feel reborn.

Symbolising the climbs he wanted us to make, after him, into the spiritual world
Sometimes, the Master would lead us up the slopes of Moussala, and in all weathers, rain, hail or snow… It was then that we tested our endurance and our faith. Storms would break out; rocks charged with electricity would give off shocks that were almost unbearable. Water would pour over us, sparks fly from our hair and from the beards of older brothers.

But we kept stoically moving forward. How can I describe what we felt then? Only those who have spent hours in such physical and psychological tension can understand how these moments tempered the soul and the spirit. I told myself that these moments were the image for what the Master represented for me: a guide amidst all the storms and tempests of life.

And now, after all these years, it seems to me that these climbing trips he took us on at Rila were symbolic of the climbs he wanted us to make, after him, into the spiritual world.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued

Life with the Master Peter Deunov – Autobiographical Reflections, Vol 2
Chapter 13 Summer in the Rila mountains

Autobiographical Reflections of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov covers the period from 1917, the year he met Master Peter Deunov, to 1937, the year he left Bulgaria for France.

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