Communicating with the Spirits of Nature

“Most human beings behave as though nature were dead, and the result is that their own inner life vibrates less powerfully and with less intensity, and their God-given faculties of perception and sensation are gradually paralysed.

‘What is the point’, they ask, ‘of trying to communicate with rocks, plants or the sun? They’re not alive.’ With this attitude they dull the edge of their own faculties and put themselves into a strait-jacket of their own making. Those who believe that nature is alive and intelligent, on the other hand, make an effort not only to understand its language but, also, to find new means of expression that allow them to communicate with it. The very least you can do, is to accept the idea that nature is alive and intelligent.”

In a series of posts we would like to share some extracts from a lecture by the Master describing the creatures other than humans that inhabit the different kingdoms of nature. Today is an introduction.

“The Creator has given us all kinds of means for expressing our thoughts and desires, and even if we don’t receive any very striking response our words do have an effect on objects, on trees, on the light, on every living species. Everything that lives on earth has its own particular way of expressing itself; everything in the universe, and the universe itself, expresses itself. But not everybody understands what is expressed, and it is up to disciples to cultivate their faculties of perception so they can understand these different manifestations and forms of language.

The traditional lore of every country in the world testifies to the existence of creatures other than humans that inhabit the different kingdoms of nature. There is great variety in the names given to these creatures, but those we are most familiar with in the West are the elves or pixies, fairies, gnomes, salamanders, sylphs, nymphs or undines and sirens. Do these creatures really exist? Most people, nowadays, think they were invented by our distant forebears who still had the mentality of children. And yet, the very fact that people in every part of the world believe in their existence is a sure sign that there is an element of truth in that belief. Wherever you go in India, Japan or China, in the Scandinavian countries, in Africa or America, you will meet people who claim to have seen and talked to nature spirits.

Esotericists generally agree that there are four major categories of these beings, each category having a particular relationship with one of the four elements: gnomes correspond to earth, nymphs or undines correspond to water, sylphs correspond to air, and salamanders to fire. I shall not say more than a few words about these four categories today; if you want to learn more, you can consult some of the many books on the subject.”

Part 1 – to be continued…


Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – ‘The Fruits of the Tree of Life’, Vol. 32
The Spirits of Nature, Chap. 22 page 293


  1. Maryam August 18, 2020 at 6:11 am - Reply

    I saw the spirit of nature in a dream and he said he is always watching me and taking care of me, I do not know what it means.He seemed to like me

    • John August 22, 2020 at 6:28 pm - Reply

      Dear Maryam, the Master says you invite the spirits of nature by luminous thoughts and actions. You must be doing the right things. With light and love…

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