Consciousness – change the film, not the screen, Part 2/3

‘For the majority of human beings their present level of consciousness is a product of their personality. They are not yet living in the superconscious, which is the level of consciousness of the individuality. It is for this reason that all the exercises and spiritual practices taught in an initiatic school are designed to enable you to establish a rapport between your higher and lower natures. Read more

New understanding comes with higher levels of consciousness
If they had already attained that higher degree of consciousness characteristic of the individuality, they would have understood that every being is linked to all other beings, that they are one reality in that ocean of universal life that encompasses all creatures, and they would experience quite different sensations to those they experience at present, sensations of joy, wonder and limitlessness. But as their present consciousness is a product of their personality and is rooted in the three lower bodies, it is necessarily restricted.

But let’s get back to the question of consciousness. Generally speaking we could say that our consciousness is a reflection of what interests and concerns us, of our way of life. It exists only as a consequence of the many physical and psychic processes that take place in a human being. It is the screen onto which the pictures of our inner and outer life are projected.

Change the film, not the screen
Consciousness manifests itself on the level of the brain, but it is a consequence of the activity of all our cells. If we want to change it therefore we have to change our cells and not the screen, which only reflects their activity. If your consciousness is troubled and a prey to anxiety and obsessions, it is useless to try to escape those anxieties and obsessions without changing your way of life. Otherwise it would be as though you watched a film and, when you did not like the pictures, instead of changing the film you wanted to change the screen!

And as it is often difficult to change that film, it can be better to start making a new one. Perhaps, if a person is intelligent, what they see reflected on their consciousness can make them realize that they must ask for other films. This is possible: heaven is always ready to get other films for you. The only thing it will not do is change the screen, for it is just the right shape and size and perfectly well made.

To change the film you must rely neither on your powers nor on your will, but only on your own straightforward, honest, honourable conduct. If you do this you will you will be free!  A troubled conscience will never be permanently healed by drugs or psychoanalysis.

If you are committed and clear-minded, and through reflection and meditation you will decipher the images on the screen and see whether they are a reflection of your higher or lower nature. Through this you will learn, you will become conscious of the reality, that in the invisible world there are laws to be respected, and make up your mind to act with greater intelligence and wisdom.’

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