Where creativity comes from, Part 5/5

This creative instinct, that we all possess, inspires us to reach out beyond our ordinary possibilities and puts us in touch with other regions and other worlds inhabited by other subtler, etheric, luminous entities. And it is thanks to this dimension of our being that frees itself from its earthly constraints and rises to higher spheres where it receives other, entirely new elements, that we can create children or works of art that are superior to ourselves.

A subtle part of us reaches beyond the physical realm
Indeed, it often happens that a creation is far lovelier than its creator. When you see a scruffy looking artist, it is difficult to believe that they are capable of producing tremendous works of art worthy of a giant, a Titan. And yet, that subtle part of them that is capable of reaching beyond the physical realm, frequently journeys far afield and rises to great heights and brings back a wealth of new elements.

And then the artist earns the praise and admiration of the whole world when they use these elements to produce and exhibit works of art of exceptional power and beauty. But, although all human beings need to create, very few are capable of becoming creators on the spiritual plane. Very few rise to this level or realize that, in order to produce sublime works of art, they must know certain laws and train themselves in a very special way.

Unite yourself with a being of greater power and intelligence and establish an exchange
What is that special way? You will understand in a moment. How is it that, in winter, the earth is unprepossessing, bare and sterile, and, then, in spring, it is covered with beautiful, colourful vegetation? What has happened to produce the change? It is because, in the spring, the earth is closer to the sun from which it receives certain elements that it is incapable of producing by itself.

Once it has received these elements, it sets to work and surpasses itself, producing quantities of extraordinarily beautiful, sweet, coloured, delicately scented ‘works of art’ which it exhibits for the delight of all creatures. If human beings wish to create and produce works of great beauty, therefore, they must also find a sun, a being of greater power and intelligence than themselves, with whom they can unite themselves and establish an exchange.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 3, Creative activity as a means of evolution

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