Deciding to transform ourselves, Part 6/7

Of course we cannot force our teaching or our way of life on anyone. Only very few are ready and anxious to transform themselves and their way of life, and if they have achieved this frame of mind it is often because they have experienced difficulties in their lives and have come to realize that without a change, things would not improve.

Many others cannot be forced, they are still too young. They still have many lessons to learn and they need more experience. What can I do if they do not understand the importance of our spiritual activities: our meals together, the singing, the breathing exercises, the prayers, meditations and fasting?

Opening our twelve gates to become the New Jerusalem
If they neglect all these means that are put at their disposal and fail to understand how powerful they are, what do you expect me to do about it? I cannot force them; they have to be left to go their own way and learn through difficulties and trials in their lives. But a vast field of extraordinary activities is lying open before all those who are sincerely interested in making progress.

The activities of a disciple are represented symbolically by the twelve labours of Hercules, which are related to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These are the twelve activities which enable human beings to open their twelve gates and become the New Jerusalem, the city of light, where illness, death and darkness are no more. The New Jerusalem is perfected human being, one who has the twelve gates of pearl and whose ramparts are built on the foundations of twelve precious stones.
Until the fourth century Christians followed the true philosophy of Christ
Believe me, it is the teaching of Christ that I am giving you. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in what I say that contradicts Christ’s teaching. What I reveal to you may contradict some of the opinions expressed by certain writers. It may even contradict certain dogmas of the Church which are pure invention and have nothing to do with Christ’s teaching, but it contains nothing that is incompatible with Christ’s true philosophy.

The great question now is whether you prefer the Scriptures, and particularly the Gospels, in which everything is so simple, or whether you prefer other sources in which that simplicity has been distorted. Until the fourth century Christians followed the true philosophy of Christ. It was only later that all kinds of deviations appeared.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, August 25, 1965

To be continued…
Complete Works Volume 26. A New Dawn, Book 2
Chapter 2, section II, The True Religion of Christ

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