Declaring a War of Light, Part 7/7

My experiences in Rila made such an impression on me, I was convinced that, in life, it is always possible to move forward, whatever the difficulties and hindrances. I still believe there is always a spot where we can place one foot and take a step, then the other foot and take another step, and so on. Obviously, I am talking here about the psychic and spiritual life. Step by step, we make progress on the path that will lead us to the summit.

Cosmic Intelligence has decreed this: if we are really looking, we will be given the means to take one step and then another step. I could use another image and say that Cosmic Intelligence has placed openings, doors everywhere, and if we have patience and faith and look hard, we will find these doors and go through them.

The only really important activity is to unite with the cosmic Spirit which animates the universe
It was during those times in Rila that I truly discovered the extraordinary peace with which we are enveloped at night on the mountaintops. In the regions to which I was transported, I felt, I understood, that the only really important activity is to unite with the cosmic Spirit which animates the universe.

Nowadays, human beings worry and tear themselves apart for the slightest reason: their field of consciousness is so limited that the only things which count are their worries, their ambitions, their pleasures and their quarrels. They do not see the immensity of the sky above them, this infinite space, which, if they would only just raise their eyes to it, would allow them to tear themselves away from all their limitations and to breathe a little.

Speak to the angels living in the stars
Stars are not just heavenly bodies which produce and emit energies; they are worlds inhabited by spiritual beings, who send us messages… Make a habit of looking up to the heavenly vault, and find a star you feel the need to stay with because you sense a living connection to it.

Concentrate on this star and speak to the angels living in it. They are friends you can safely entrust with your worries, your sorrows, but above all your hopes and aspirations. You will come back from these experiences with a much greater understanding of life, with the conviction that you are never alone, that benevolent powers are watching over you and supporting you. Even if you do not know exactly who they are, you will feel their presence.

Discover how to develop within us the sense of beauty and greatness
Faced with immensity, it is true, human beings are insignificant, but that is not a reason to feel alone and lost. Between the universe and us, there are correspondences, and we must try to discover them. We can touch the stars by working on what is most beautiful and most magnificent in us.

Conversely, we can also develop in us the sense of beauty and greatness by linking to the stars. These correspondences are the key to self-knowledge, to knowing all the powers within us, and it is vital to learn how to use them.

Waging war with light, colour and love
Some nights the sparkling of the constellations was so intense that I had the impression that they were challenging each other. Yes, these projections of light were like challenges hurled across space, challenges of light and love. I felt that they were challenging me and I returned that challenge.

I looked at all these constellations engaged in a war, this magnificent war, and I said to myself, ‘One day this is how people will make war: with light, colour and love.’ War will never cease, but it will simply take another form, and I am in favour of this kind of war. For myself, I declared war a long time ago on the whole of humanity, but with bombardments of light.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Life with the Master Peter Deunov – Autobiographical Reflections, Vol 2
Chapter 13 Summer in the Rila mountains

Autobiographical Reflections of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov covers the period from 1917, the year he met Master Peter Deunov, to 1937, the year he left Bulgaria for France.

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