Destiny and Reincarnation, Part 1/7

– In Nature’s memory everything is on record

The universe is governed by the Law of Cause and Effect. Each act and each event is a cause leading to a consequence, and each act and each event is itself the consequence of a cause. So cause and effect are inextricably linked, but a human life is too short for us to observe this immense succession of cause and effect at play

And no one can evade The Law of Cause and Effect. It is utterly impossible. What is possible, and extremely important, is to know what kind of forces one is unleashing by one’s acts. And this is why I say that the most marvellous law given to us by Cosmic Intelligence can be found where no one ever thinks of looking for it, where scholars, theologians and philosophers never look any more: in nature, and in particular in agriculture. Yes, I mean it: agriculture. Every farmer knows that if you plant a fig-tree you will not get grapes from it, and that an apple tree will produce apples, not pears. And there you have it, the greatest of all moral laws: ‘As you sow so shall you reap.’foi faith graine

If you study this basic law closely you will see how far-reaching it is. It becomes a deeply meaningful system, for all the essential truths can be applied in all areas of life. A detailed understanding of this law can engender a whole philosophy and that is why there are now so many rules and regulations in religion. At the origin of all these rules is one law: you can reap only what you have sown.

Even if you do not believe in God you cannot fail to recognize that there is an order in nature and, consequently, that there must be an Intelligence which created that order. Reflect for a moment on the fact that each seed reproduces its own kind. You may not believe in God, but you cannot deny the fact that every seed produces its own kind exactly, whether it be a plant, a tree, an insect, an animal or a man. This law is absolute and it should cause you to reflect.

People need not bother their heads about the existence of God; they don’t need to know if Jesus really lived nor if the Gospels are authentic, all they need to do is recognize this one law. It is enough to make everything fall into place: it leads to the Truth.

The only thing that matters is to know that everything is recorded. Absolutely everything. If Nature has so ordained things that a tree records in its seed all its properties, its colour and dimensions and the taste and perfume of its fruit, why should it not be the same for man? Nature has succeeded in recording everything, and the moral law is based on this: Nature’s memory. You may be astonished, but yes, Nature does have a memory and nothing can ever erase what it has once recorded.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 202, Man, Master of his Destiny

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