Developing our Spiritual Senses

Our Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Sense Organs –
For the majority of human beings, the two senses which are most developed are those of touch (which includes sexuality), and taste. The senses of sight, hearing and smell are less developed unless their personal interests are involved, just as animals have developed a very keen sense of smell, sight and hearing because they need these senses for their own protection and in order to find food.

The Keyboard of the Senses
For thousands of years human beings have been doing all they can to increase the variety and intensity of the sensations and perceptions transmitted by their five senses, and it is this play on the keyboard of their five senses that they call culture and civilization. All I can say is that I find this very inadequate.

However great the degree of refinement of the five senses, they will always be severely limited because they belong to the physical dimension and can never reach farther than the purely physical to explore what lies beyond.

Nature has planned other keys for this keyboard:
Yes, a sixth and even a seventh and eighth sense, far more intense and far more powerful. At the moment, though, human beings confine themselves to the use of their five physical senses: they refuse even to acknowledge that there are other dimensions waiting to be explored, other sights, scents and textures to be experienced. By doing so, they deny themselves such transports of delight: experiencing impressions of fulfilment, majesty and immensity?

Human beings must realize that if they keep trying to multiply and amplify their physical sensations they are doomed to bitter disappointment, for these sensations are severely limited. Why? Because each organ is specialized: it has a specific function and can provide only those sensations which correspond to that function. If we want to experience fresh sensations we shall have to turn to other organs, organs which, although we don’t know it, we all possess.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Izvor Book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres
Chapter 1 Human Evolution and the Development of The Spiritual Organs

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