Distinguishing between love and sexuality

How can we distinguish love from sexuality when in amorous relationships one never goes without the other? Sexuality is a purely egocentric tendency which incites human beings to seek their own pleasure, even to the detriment of their partner. Love, on the contrary, thinks first and foremost of the other’s happiness. It is based on sacrifice: the sacrifice of time, energy or money, if necessary, in order to help the other, to enable the other to blossom and develop all his or her qualities.

Nothing is more beautiful than love, when men and women are ready to accept deprivation, to wrest something from themselves in order to give it. And you who walk on the spiritual path know that spirituality begins in fact with the reign of love over sexuality. Only when you are able to sacrifice for the good of the other are you capable of love.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor 205 – Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon

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