Dreams and Reality

Life on earth is a sleep. This is why it is true to say that death is an awakening in the next world. But, even there, human beings are   still asleep – more lightly, to be sure – but they are still asleep. In fact, they will continue to sleep until they finally reach the causal plane, for it is only then that they become truly awake. Then, after a time, when they come back to earth, they will once again sink more and more deeply into sleep as they approach the physical plane. Once on the physical plane they are  plunged into a deep sleep from which they will not be aroused for years and years. Oh, of course, you will see them bustling about and talking and gesticulating – but they are still asleep.

And this applies to each one of you, too; don’t imagine that you are really awake. You are asleep, and just as when you are asleep and dreaming at night, you find yourself walking about, meeting people, talking to them, etc., so in the ‘waking sleep’ of everyday life you do exactly the same. In fact, sometimes, it is while you are asleep and dreaming that you are closest to being awake, for some dreams make it easier for human beings to be in contact with the true realities. When you wake up in the morning, that reality is once again hidden by a veil.

Of course, this question of dreams and reality, of reality and appearances, is rather abstract and difficult; it is not essential for you to grasp it intellectually. What is essential is that you understand how the notions I have just explained to you can help you in your everyday life. When something unpleasant comes along, remember to tell yourself, ‘Of course, I can’t pretend that this is not happening, but is it really happening to me? I am an eternal, immortal spirit; it is somebody else who is having this experience. This is an illusion and I am no more than a spectator.’ Read more

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