Ancient wisdom in simple language

The light of the sun, which is the source of everything contains, in a subtle, etheric state, all that exists on earth. Each element, is a condensation, a solidification of the next subtler element. Perhaps you are wondering what made all these elements condense?

Simply the fact that they moved away from the centre, the sun. When elements which originally existed in the sun began to move out towards the periphery, they condensed and became opaque and heavy. And the same thing happened to human beings.

All religions converge in a quest for the centre, the Sun
When humans moved away from the centre, from the bosom of the Lord, they lost their transparency and became heavy and lack-lustre. If we want to recapture our purity and light we have to return to the centre.

Initiates gained their ancient wisdom through the Sun
The further away from the centre you are, the less able you will be to stand up to the chaotic forces of disorder, and little by little you will lose your inner balance and peace.

When you move closer to the centre, on the other hand, the movement is different and you find yourself inundated with a great sense of peace, calmness and joy. It is through observations of this nature that initiates reached the extraordinarily advanced states of awareness which enabled them to establish their science, their philosophy and their methods.

I am passing on this wisdom in simple language
Their discoveries and the fruits of their research have been handed down to us, and today I am handing them on to you for your edification and fulfilment. The only thing is that you must understand me correctly.

I have been given the privilege of being able to explain things in a very clear, almost childishly simple language, whereas most books by theologians or philosophers are abstract and difficult to understand.

When we go out in the morning to contemplate the sun and draw strength from it, when we try to enter into it, and at the same time draw it into us, we are moving away from the outer fringe, back towards the source, in peace, light, liberty and union with God.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
The Bonfin, 31 July 1967

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