Evenings by the second lake, Part 3/7

Second Lake (Fish Lake) – site of the camp

In the evening, we would come together again for the meal, and then, as night fell, we would gather around a large fire in the centre of the camp. We would begin by praying and singing. Finally, the Master would draw near to our circle, which would open for him to take his place near the fire, then close behind him.

We were still singing and meditating… The silence, the solemnity of the deep blue night sky studded with stars seemed to take part in our devout reflections. Then, often, brothers and sisters would play the violin or the guitar, sing or recite poetry.

When it was nearing ten o’clock, the Master would rise for one last prayer, which we said together. We would give thanks for the blessings we had received during the day, and then we would separate and return to our tents to sleep until the next morning, when the sounds of a violin would wake us at dawn, to begin a new day in communion with the spirit of fire, the sun. We would go to sleep with fire, wake up with fire and spend all day long with fire, and our lives were illuminated.

What made our stay at Rila something exceptional was the seven lakes, whose presence we felt, night and day. We pitched our tents by the second lake, but by climbing higher we could discover the five others. The Master gave each one of them a name. The sky and the mountains were reflected in these extraordinarily clear waters. Some of the lakes were truly magical mirrors, where images floating in astral light could be seen.

One of the conditions that the Master had required for our stay at Rila was that we should be near at least one lake. We would spend days in contact with the luminous beings of the invisible world. When we went to sleep, we would journey to heavenly realms and, in the morning, when we awoke, even if we did not remember the revelations we had received, we would feel that these beings had continued to teach us during the night.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued

Life with the Master Peter Deunov – Autobiographical Reflections, Vol 2
Chapter 13 Summer in the Rila mountains

Autobiographical Reflections of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov covers the period from 1917, the year he met Master Peter Deunov, to 1937, the year he left Bulgaria for France.

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