An exercise – visit the sun each morning, Part 3/5

The ‘Rock of Prayer’, at the Bonfin, South of France

Imagine you are up there in the sun-
‘Now, let me explain a method which can help you: when you go up to the Rock in the morning for the sunrise, imagine that you are up there, in the sun, from where you can see that creature down here: that creature that is you yourself. You project yourself out of your body and amuse yourself, watching and smiling at yourself sitting down here: ‘Oh, look at that funny creature down there; to think that it’s me.

Start to rebuild the bridge
How small and puny they look! But I’m going to help them; I will. I’ll give them all the help they need.’ If you do this very simple exercise every day, you will already be starting to rebuild the bridge. Nobody can tell you how long it will take to complete the job, for you are not building with iron, steel or concrete, but with another, far subtler matter, matter from the mental plane. Every one of you has been invited to do this work, but I wonder how many of you are ready to go this far.

Pay a visit to the archangel who rules the sun
And once you have reached the sun, you can imagine that you go and pay a visit to the archangel who rules the sun. See yourself talking to him. Sense that he puts his arms round you and tells you many of his secrets, and that he gives you some of his light so that you can send rays of it down to that little creature sitting on the Rock; that creature who thinks they are you, but who is not really you. Little by little you will begin to feel your consciousness expanding, heavenly peace flooding into you, and revelation after revelation unfolding before your mind.

Give your mind some variety – a different subject
Each day you can think of the sun, but in a different way; there is such a variety of choices, in fact, that you will never be bored. One cannot do exactly the same exercise every day; it seems that the mind is built on exactly the same pattern as the stomach: it needs a varied diet. If we try to give it the same food every day it ends by refusing to eat, digs in its heels and stops functioning altogether. What should you do when your mind refuses to concentrate on the subject you were working on the day before? You must look for another subject.

Anything will do as long as it is something spiritual. Yes, look through the menu of subjects and find something that tempts your appetite; there is an endless variety of subjects to choose from. In the spiritual life, you see, you need experience, you need to know the psychological factors involved, otherwise your progress will be slow.

Vary your methods, but always head in the same direction
And that is what I am here for: to show you different means and methods that will make your work easier, but always, of course, with the same goal in mind. Vary your methods as much as you like, as long as you always go in the same direction, that is, towards the centre, towards the Creator, towards light, freedom and glory.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Extract from a lecture contained in
Complete Works Volume 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth
Chapter 3, Our Higher Self Dwells in the Sun

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