Exercises to reach the Superconscious level, Part 4/7

We must reach the superconscious level, the level of the individuality. The individuality is characterized by an expanded consciousness, we reach it only when we understand that all creatures, all life is one, that all living creatures form a unity in the ocean of universal life in which all are immersed. Then our feelings change, we are filled with feelings of joy, wonderment, infinity. Human consciousness has its roots in the three bodies of the personality, it is therefore limited.

Consciousness is the result of thoughts, feelings and actions: the more we think and feel and act, the more developed our consciousness becomes, but as long as we are tied to the personality our consciousness is limited to desire, we believe we are separate from others, from nature, from the Whole.

The reason for prayer, meditation and all the other exercises taught in an initiatic school is to establish the communication between our lower nature and our higher one, the personality and the individuality, thereby stretching our consciousness and lifting it so that it may perceive the Truth.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 11, The Key to the Problems of Existence
Chapter 1, The Personality

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