Exercises to capture spiritual energies

The gymnastic exercises we do each morning are a means of capturing the spiritual energies passing through space, through the atmosphere, and allowing them circulate within ourselves. As analogies, we dig ditches and furrows to channel water, and we install electrical circuits to light our houses. To be able to receive spiritual energies and make them circulate, we must install channels and circuits within ourselves as well. The spiritual forces and entities in the invisible world respond to certain geometric figures which correspond to the movements in the gymnastic exercises. When we trace these figures in space, we are attracting the forces and entities to which they are linked, so that they can work within us.

The treasures hidden in very simple exercises

We all hope to live a life rich in revelation, inspiration and blessings, and for that to happen we think we need someone to come and reveal extraordinary secrets to us. I tell you that one of the greatest secrets you are waiting for comprises a few very simple exercises. Of course you will think, ‘Oh, is that all?’ Yes, your desire to live every day in harmony, peace, joy and hope lies in very simple exercises, and if you leave them out, you will never know the benefits of doing them.

One of these is our gymnastic exercises. Do you know how useful they are for keeping your body flexible, energized and in balance? You do them for a few days and then you drop them, and when you want to take them up again you find you are already stiff, heavy and clumsy. You have to do them regularly, like dancers; they don’t let a single day go by without training.

The exercises only take ten or so minutes, so don’t say they take too much time. Let’s suppose you do these exercises every day. As they are easy to do, you can do them correctly even if you are thinking of something else or nothing at all. But the only way you will really benefit from them is if you pay close attention to what you are doing.

Don’t simply raise your arms and legs mechanically left and right; try to get into a rhythm. In this way, all the cells in your legs, arms, solar plexus, brain and the whole of your body will gradually begin to vibrate, and one day you will sense that you are sending out fluid energy currents, which will spread harmoniously out into space.

So, as you begin these exercises, be conscious that you will be sending out waves, releasing energy currents. Also, watch your breathing, because in doing so you will help to make your body more supple, and you will rejuvenate your cells and keep your nervous system balanced and healthy.

Learn or practice the exercises
If you wish to learn or practice the exercises you can purchase the book Bringing Symbols to Life (including a DVD), from which this series is taken, at Prosveta, or download via this link on Amazon. Or watch the video on YouTube.

The Master demonstrates the gymnastics.

Watch the video.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Bringing Symbols to Life – The Gymnastic Exercises
Chapter 1 The treasures hidden in very simple exercises

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