Exercises to create Inner Harmony

People usually associate the idea of gymnastics with keeping their body in good shape and developing muscles, when for good health and energy it is principally the nervous system that needs to be supported, strengthened and stimulated. Athletes can have very strong muscles, but if their nervous system is weak and exhausted they will not be able to lift even a bottle of water.

Performing these movements with faith and conviction will create an inner harmony
So, in our gymnastic exercises, it is our nervous system that we seek to strengthen first, since even our muscle function depends on it. And what strengthens and nourishes the nervous system? The awareness, faith and commitment with which we set about the task in hand.

To release its power exercise needs to be accompanied by thoughts and feelings
In addition to gymnastics, our Teaching offers other practices. These include prayer, meditation, singing, surya yoga (the yoga of the sun), hrani yoga (the yoga of nutrition), breathing exercises and the paneurhythmy dance. For each of these I have explained to you how to direct your thoughts to obtain the best results.

Of itself a practice is not so important; it is only a tool. A repeated word or gesture will only release its power if we provide it with content by adding a thought and even a feeling. You have inner resources you are not aware of, and you must learn to exploit them by being present with everything you do.

Learn or practice the exercises
If you wish to learn or practice the exercises you can purchase the book Bringing Symbols to Life (including a DVD), from which this series is taken, at Prosveta, or download to Kindle via this link on Amazon. You can also watch the video for free on YouTube.

The Master demonstrates the gymnastics.

Watch the video.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Bringing Symbols to Life – The Gymnastic Exercises
Chapter 1 The treasures hidden in very simple exercises

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