Explaining the teaching of Peter Deunov, Part 1/3

The River of Life

My work is different, but there is no contradiction-
On his return, after a year in India where spiritual guides were accorded unconditional respect, he found himself faced once again with western reticence, with the ever-present tendency to analyze and criticize. Some followers who had known Peter Deunov criticised him for introducing new elements into the teaching.

He explained, ‘My work is different from that of Peter Deunov. Completely different. But there is no contradiction between us. We are following the same path, advancing in the same direction, always toward the light, toward God. I speak with my own voice. Peter Deunov spoke with his. If he did not talk about certain questions, it was not because he did not know them. Perhaps the time was not ripe to talk about them.

A different era is upon us, with a different language and a different means
Initiatic Science is something very vast and true. I had to find my own way. I have been waiting for orders from above, and it is only this year that heaven has sent me a sign of the work expected of me. For the first time I have been instructed to reveal many things to you. A different era is upon us, with a different language and different means.’

With the skill of a painter, he described the beauty of the river of life, the ‘path of wisdom’ that flows from the highest realms of the invisible world, pregnant with celestial energies. He explained mental exercises that one could use to slake one’s thirst at this river and recapture the purity that dwells at the summit of all that exists.

Recognising the potency of sexual energy
He explained to couples how to live their love for each other without sinking to levels that sterilize the spiritual life. Of paramount importance in his view is to recognize the potency of sexual energy and use it for one’s spiritual development.

To be continued…

Extracts from the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Biography, by Louise-Marie Frenette,
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