Fasting is a magical process, Part 3/7

Fasting has other good influences besides on our health. When initiates want to help or save someone who is in great difficulty, they will fast for several days, in order to be able to send the spiritual forces that they accumulate within themselves during these deprivations. So initiates often fast in order to help their friends or their relatives. How does this transmission of forces work? It is related to the subject of magic.

Fasting is a magical process through which we can even expel all the evil entities that dwell within us. On the first day of fasting, these entities will complain about us, saying, ‘This master is getting very mean, he gives us nothing,’ and they will leave to search for someone else to feed on. Of course, there are some more resistant entities that only leave us on the second or third day, or even later… Each day, new entities abandon us, and we feel lighter and lighter, more peaceful and lucid. When his disciples came to ask Jesus how to cast out demons, he responded to them: ‘by prayer and fasting.’ There is no other way. If we never fast, all the lower entities flourish within us and become so powerful that they eventually overwhelm us.

Jesus therefore fasted forty days. From the Cabbalistic point of view, the fortieth day represents the end of many processes. The number 40 is a measure, a limit, and sometimes also, death. After forty days, the caterpillar ends its life as a caterpillar, eating leaves, to live the life of a butterfly that feeds on the nectar of flowers. The fortieth day is the death of all the evil entities within us.

Pride is the only evil entity to survive
Evil entities cannot bear the conditions imposed by fasting. Only one survives until you reach the summit, and that is pride, the spirit of pride that made some of the angels stand against God. The spirit of pride is tireless. It follows the disciples, initiates, saints, and Masters to the very last degree of evolution. We can free ourselves easily enough from all the other vices, but pride is very resistant. It is like a lichen that clings to rocks at the top of even the highest mountains.

Pride accompanies initiates to the summit, particularly as it is capable of taking all kind of appearances, even the most virtuous, the most luminous. Very few initiates are able to recognize and discern this pride in its various forms.

Pride has led to the fall of so many Masters. Pride of their knowledge, of their holiness, of their powers! In spite of their intelligence, their purity, they did not realize that their hearts were hardening. Some even ended up believing that they were God on earth… That is why disciples should be aware and vigilant about their pride right from the beginning.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, January 28, 1939

To be continued…

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 6. The Three Great Temptations

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