Exercise one: the triangle of the spirit, Part 4/7

When we perform the first exercise of the gymnastics, we say in our mind,
‘May all the blessings of heaven pour down on us and on all of humanity, for the glory of our heavenly Father.’

We receive heaven’s blessings through the sun, the centre of the planetary system to which we belong. In fact, for us, as inhabitants of earth, the sun represents the Divinity with its trinity of light, warmth and life. This energy current leaves the centre of the sun and penetrates to the centre of the earth, and we also receive it in ourselves to bring life to our whole being.

  1. Raise your arms to either side of your body until they are above your head and your fingertips touch. In doing this, you are seeking the highest possible blessings from the causal, buddhic and atmic planes, which represent the divine world. Only your fingertips touch.
  2. As your fingers meet, symbolizing the unity that exists on high between the masculine and feminine principles, step back onto your right foot. Receive blessings with your hands and bring them down to the top of your head. This is where the crown chakra, also known as the thousand petalled lotus (sahasrara), is situated on the etheric plane, and where the centres of love, faith and hope, the three virtues that link us to God, are situated in the brain.
  3.  Separate your hands, and bring the energies down either side of your head (the mental plane) and upper body (the astral plane).
  4.  When your fingers reach the level of your diaphragm, they will be facing up. Turn them over and continue to move them down your body and then your left leg (the physical plane); your upper body will be leaning forward, with your legs slightly bent.

All human beings are inhabited by the divine spirit as their higher self, but in order to feel its presence they must place themselves at its service. When they do so, not only do they clear a path for it to their consciousness, they also allow it to come down into the matter of their physical body. When we raise our arms, we are sending out a call to our higher self, to our spirit, to ask it to come into all the cells of our organs and also into every human being serving the divine will. Heaven is ready to pour all its blessings on us, but in order to receive these we must understand the nature of spirit’s work on matter.

We can observe this work of the creative spirit, God, the masculine principle, on matter, the feminine principle, in all parts of the universe. And because human beings have been created in the image of God, they are constantly reproducing this work of spirit on matter, no matter what they are doing.

Even when a farmer uses a plough to till the soil, or a mother prepares a meal for her family, or a craftsperson makes an object, in some way their spirit is acting on matter. And when you decide to work on yourself to improve your character and behaviour, this is also your spirit acting on your matter. You become polarized: the emissive, positive pole, the spirit within you, acts on the receptive, negative pole, your psychic matter.

So, spiritual work requires us, first of all, to distinguish between our spiritual self and our material self. We have to distance ourselves from this material self to be able to come closer to our higher self, our divine self. That is when the true work of spirit on matter begins – the work of our spirit on our matter. Thanks to the efforts we make to touch this summit within us, we generate a light and we arouse a force, which comes down into our body to enliven all our cells.

This descent of the spirit within us occurs progressively. How? I will give you an image. You know how to light a wood fire. You use a match to set paper alight: the fire spreads to twigs, the twigs set branches alight, and the branches set large logs alight. To understand the connection between us and this fire, we have to apply the law of analogy.

We have a physical body and, beyond it, other increasingly subtle bodies: the astral, mental and causal bodies. So, let’s say that the lit match corresponds to the causal body, the spirit, which is the cause of all phenomena. The causal body sets the mental body (the mind) alight, which sets the astral body (the heart) alight, which sets the physical body alight.

So, everything begins above, in the causal body, the spirit; then the spiritual fire moves from body to body until it eventually reaches the physical body. No true fulfilment is possible on the physical plane all until we have begun to work with the spirit, as it is the spirit that gives the impulse from above.

‘May the blessings of heaven pour down on us and on the whole of humanity.’ To receive these blessings, you must strive to work for the light, to make sacrifices for the light. Each time you make a sacrifice, each time you give up a weakness or let go of a bad habit, it is as if you are lighting a fire high inside you. The fire will move down through your different bodies and one day reach your physical body, bringing with it purification and light. At that moment you will feel all heaven’s blessings flowing within you.

To be continued…

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