Future of light and joy in 2015

“As its name indicates, the past is ‘past’, and you do not yet hold the future. Only the present belongs to you; it lies in your hands like matter, like clay, to be modelled. You have a minute, an hour, a day…

This minute, this hour, this day belong to you; do your best to live them with clarity. When, thanks to your efforts, you have cleared the space between you and the divine world, you will be able to say that the future also belongs to you. This future is joy and light.
Do not let yourself be influenced by those who predict only difficulties and misfortunes: it is simply because they do not know what the future really is or how to build it.
Misfortunes are the past, not the future. Before the future can present itself – that is to say, your true future as sons and daughters of God – it is waiting for you to finish drawing lessons from the past.
This future is on the move: since you are creating it, you are already beginning to live it.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 240  Sons and Daughters of God


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