Getting all your cells to vibrate in rhythm with your ideal

Try to become more and more conscious of the fact that when you are present at the sunrise in the morning, you have the best possible conditions for making progress in your spiritual work. You must stop worrying about all the clouds, all your apprehensions and grudges, all your desires and ambitions, and make yourself available for a tremendous spiritual task. Those who are capable of freeing themselves from their clouds are capable of moving heaven and earth; they are creators of the new life, and the Lord appreciates them.

You must use your will-power to master and control all the dissonant forces within you, to get all your cells to vibrate in rhythm with your ideal, in a single direction. If you do not do this you will continue to be weak, vulnerable to the slightest puff of wind, to every kind of sorrow, grief or tribulation.

An ancient Egyptian proverb – ‘know, desire, dare and hold your peace’
You are all familiar with the ancient Egyptian proverb, `Know, desire, have power (I often say, `dare’, but it comes to the same thing), and hold your peace.’ I interpret this proverb as follows: `To know’ means to know that the sun exists, but that clouds exist also, and that we have to disperse them. `To desire’ is to love the sun and desire to reach it.

`To have power’ is to muster all the forces of one’s will and dare to launch into this work by making a gesture, pronouncing a formula or doing something that signifies an act of the will. Knowledge concerns the mental plane; desire – or love – concerns the astral plane; power concerns the physical plane. In other words, we must bring our knowledge and love down on to the physical plane.

The spoken word is extremely powerful
Many spiritual people function only on the level of their thoughts and feelings; they seem to be incapable of giving them concrete expression, even in words. But without the intervention of the spoken word, thoughts and feelings cannot easily become concrete reality on earth, on the physical plane, because they have no vehicle, no body.

In fact, if someone stores up their thoughts and feelings for too long without expressing them or giving them form, they can cause serious psychic disturbance. Sound waves have a very powerful effect on matter, and the formulation of a few appropriate words is enough to set in motion the particles and atoms of matter, so that as soon as thoughts and feelings are manifested verbally, they begin to enter the realm of physical reality.

The spoken word is extremely powerful, it is like the signature on a legal document, order or contract. As you know, if an official document bears no signature it is null and void.


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Volume 10. The Splendour of Tiphareth – The Yoga of the Sun

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