God Transcends Good and Evil, Part 1/3

– The polarization of the One
From the point of view of initiatic science, the number Two is the result of the polarization of the One, and this means that the two poles, which are so often considered to be antagonists, are, in fact, contained in the One. We call them masculine and feminine or positive and negative, but we can also call them good and evil, as long as we bear in mind that they are expressions of the One, of God, for they both come from God.

A traditional account of the Fall speaks of Lucifer, the archangel that rebelled against God, as Christ’s brother, and says that when he was cast down from heaven a great emerald from his diadem fell to earth. In establishing this link between Christ and Lucifer, the intention of the initiates was to teach us that good and evil are the two poles of one and the same reality.

Every aspect of our life on earth is conditioned by the alternation of day and night. You will say that this alternation is simply the result of the earth’s rotation on its own axis. True, but whatever the reason, the fact is that this alternation of day and night, which regulates the whole of nature, also regulates both our physical and our psychic life. We could not know what light is if darkness did not exist. Neither could we know what wisdom, justice, beauty, and joy are if we were not constantly obliged to contend with foolishness, injustice, ugliness, and sorrow. It is by setting things against each other and comparing them that we reach understanding. If opposites did not exist we would live in a state of non-differentiation.

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Beauty and ugliness, virtue and vice, weakness and strength exist, but it is not the fact that they exist that should concern us. Our concern should be to learn the proper attitude to the two poles. Instead of this, human beings spend their time wondering why God allows evil to exist. Stop asking such questions. Good and evil are intimately bound to each other; as the two complementary poles of a single entity they have things to do together, and you would be well advised not to get between them and try to separate them. To do so would be like interfering in the intimacy of a married couple. Even if you do not approve of their relationship, you must never try to separate a man and woman who are attached to each other – neither, indeed, must you interfere in a quarrel between them. Keep your distance!

The cars on a highway drive in opposite directions: some one way and some the other. This causes no problem if the road is wide enough and the cars keep to their side. Should we say that the cars going one way represent evil and those travelling in the opposite direction represent good? No, evil arises only if the road is too narrow and there is a collision.

Good, true good, is the harmonious coexistence of two opposite processes. True good is this higher intelligence which conceived the way in which the two processes participate in the conservation of life. As you see, the answers to all the most difficult questions are to be found in the book of nature…
To be continued

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor 237, The Cosmic Balance – The Secret of Polarity

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