The Good Prayer

This beautiful prayer can be said any time. However my best memory is saying it together with the Master and brothers and sisters, standing around the fire at the St Michel festival at the Bonfin.

 The Good Prayer

“Lord God, sweet heavenly Father, who has given us life and health so that we may worship you with joy, send your spirit to protect us and keep us from evil thoughts and from all harm,

Teach us to do your will, to bless your name, to glorify you without ceasing,

Sanctify our spirits, and uplift our hearts and minds so that we may keep your commandments and laws,

Inspire pure thoughts in us by your sacred presence and guide us so that we may serve you joyfully,

Bless our lives which we consecrate to you for the greater good of our brothers and sisters and all who are dear to us,

Help and assist us so that we may grow every day in wisdom and understanding and live always in your truth,

Guide us in all our undertaking so that everything we do for your holy name may contribute to the coming of your kingdom on earth,

Nourish our souls with bread from heaven and give us your strength in abundance so that our lives may be successful,

And as you lavish all blessing on us, grant us also the gift of your love, so that it may ever be our law.
For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.”

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