Great changes lie ahead, Part 7/7

As was foretold by the Prophet Ezekiel, the changes that will take place in the future will be so great, the light and love of God will be so powerfully and so widely diffused throughout the world, that men will learn directly from God himself; they will understand the Scriptures and live a life of perfection; they will prophesy and see visions.

When this day comes mankind will no longer need priests or pastors—or even me! All men will be guided and enlightened directly by the divine spirit. This has been foretold, and it will come about. And all those bigots who hawk their holy medals and relics of the true cross of Jesus (after two thousand years, there must be enough of them to constitute a whole forest!)… all those bigots will be obliged to close shop because people will go directly to the source.

This was what Jesus had in mind when he told the Samaritan woman that men would worship God in spirit and in truth. In spirit and in truth: that is to say, free from matter and free from falsehood. When human beings live in spirit and truth they will no longer need all these crutches; they will be able to walk on their own strong legs.

The reality that Jesus visualized was immense, grandiose. The people he saw around him were still very frail, vulnerable and defenceless, and still dependent on material, external props, but the mankind he envisaged was strong enough to rely only on the inner power of the spirit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, August 25, 1965

Complete Works Volume 26. A New Dawn, Book 2
Chapter 2, section II, The True Religion of Christ

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